>/ April 20th @ The Purgatory

SGJ 2024: Conference + Job Fair

Join us for a day of talks by industry-leading experts and explore career opportunities in Bulgaria's top game development studios!

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>/ What is SGJ

We support the growth of the Bulgarian gaming industry.

Helping local talent level-up

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to fostering a welcoming gaming industry and improving the talent and creativity of the people involved in the sector.

Bringing know-how from abroad

We work to bring top talents from the European game dev industry to share their expertise with local developers, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and skills.

Fostering creativity & skills growth

We organize a variety of events which promote knowledge sharing, teamwork, and innovation, and where people have the chance to improve their technical and soft skills.

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Create, connect & grow.


Explore the 150+ games made at SGJ

The Binary Note
Pull the Plug
Short Circuit
Love and Death of Robots
(S)leap Motion
2022: A Midspace Journey
Conquer The Nightmare
Trapped Inside
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Watch inspiring talks by our industry-leading speakers.

Grow your industry knowledge with our catalog of free recorded talks by leading experts who share their expertise on key industry topics.

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Cataloguing Bulgaria’s gaming industry.

Get to know the studios and teams that make up the local game dev scene.

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SGJ is a non-profit and we rely entirely on fundraising to deliver the events we organize tailored to the needs of the industry and the community. Sponsors can participate at our events with speakers, mentors and company booths, and enjoy variety of digital, on-site and merchandise branding and more.

Over the years, we’ve been supported by inspiring companies like:

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