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We work to foster a welcoming and creative gaming industry.

>/ Vision

Our vision is to help the Bulgarian gaming industry establish itself as a significant business sector in our economy.

/ Who we are

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization made of people from diverse backgrounds in game development, film, and design, dedicated to fostering a welcoming gaming industry and improving the talent and creativity of the people involved in the sector.

We actively work to promote a welcoming, and creative video game culture, providing people with first-hand experience of creating a game from scratch and gaining insight into the inner workings of the gaming industry.

/ What we’ve achieved

Events Organized
Games Made
Free Talks Given

Since 2014, we've been actively supporting and cultivating the game development community in Bulgaria, through the organization of game jams – intense 48-hour hackathons that fuel creativity and foster invaluable networking opportunities. In 2019, we expanded our commitment by introducing a free-to-attend Game Dev Conference and Job Fair events into our program. With these initiatives, we aim to elevate the skills and creativity of individuals within the sector.

Our tasks include establishing new partnerships, conducting research, and participating in numerous processes that support the quality, development, growth, and internationalization of Bulgarian gaming products and companies.

/ Future goals

We are dedicated to compiling comprehensive insights into the Bulgarian video game industry. Our mission revolves around gathering crucial data to construct an industry report that delves into key aspects. This includes everything from identifying both major and indie game companies within Bulgaria, to unveiling their annual revenues, assessing their economic influence, and evaluating workforce statistics, among other pivotal factors.

We strive to shed light on the vibrant Bulgarian game industry, but also to bolster its presence on the European stage. To achieve this, we intend to present the findings from our report to the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF), a comprehensive resource covering all EU member states. By contributing our research to this initiative, we aim to fortify Bulgaria's position within the EU as a competitive and thriving hub for the video game industry.

/ Our team

Philip Tarpov
Event Organizer
Alex Tokmakchiev
Event Organizer & Web Magic
Kiril Georgiev
Creative Guru
Martin Bakardzhiev
Design Magic
Velizara Georgieva
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SGJ is a non-profit and we rely entirely on fundraising to deliver the events we organize tailored to the needs of the industry and the community. Sponsors can participate at our events with speakers, mentors and company booths, and enjoy variety of digital, on-site and merchandise branding and more.

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